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Issuing the Call
Issuing the Call

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Manti Temple Step 4

In this step I added a layer of dark brown. I've started to also do some shading with this color. To get the various shades of color I simply removed paint with a brush and a rag. In doing this step I have to keep in mind not only the sun directly behind the temple but also the lighting on the upper towers and the non-directional omni light, which is the sunlight reflecting off the ground. Thus even in shadows objects have shading and highlights, otherwise objects in shadows would look flat.

Manti Temple Step 3

Ok here you see is the first step with the under painting. This is a single color of paint. I put it on with a rag and the scrubbed out the lighter areas. Now onto the next darker color.

Manti Temple Step 2

Well the drawing of the Manti Temple is finished.

Now onto the four tone under painting (you see what I mean as I'm doing it).

Friday, June 12, 2009

Manti Temple Step 1

I've gotten put of the habit of doing these step by step photos. So I've decided since this painting is (and most others from now on) going to be done in the newer style. Instead of trying to explain it to you all. I thought I just show you all.

In this photo you can see I've drawn in a rough outline of the basic shape and location of the temple in pencil (the left side of the drawing). Next I've taken a dark brown colored pencil. In the passed I've used a graphite stick that is sepia in color with a stylus that is both troublesome to work with and is only available from Australia. The colored pencil I'm using is from a cheap $5 colored pencil set you may buy for a child. In fact the box cover has a rather cartoon looking monkey, giraffe and lion on it. Now I've started drawing in much finer detail then I usually do, the finished drawing of the temple.

The next step after the drawing is finished in the next few days I will start on the under-painting.