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Monday, July 13, 2009

2009 - 2010 Season

So the Rive Gauche Art Gallery that represents my originals down in Scottsdale, Arizona have decided they want to for now only represent my temple paintings. I'm really surprised and excited. I will miss doing fantasy paintings (I'll try and sneak one in once in a while). But a while back when I was studying under Greg Olsen (I'm still his apprentice and will be for life). Greg asked me if I liked painting or do I just like painting fantasy? I of course said I like to paint. And so you have it, Temples. Plus it is a great way to represent the Lord and serve him at the same time.

So the Gallery ordered 10 smaller paintings 11" x 14" or 16" x 20", historic temples by the end of October. (I choose 16" x 20") Also I need to finish 4 - 6 larger ones too (Salt Lake Temple is done and the Manti Temple is almost done). These are 30" x 40 ". I was going to do one of them 48" x 60" (seeing as I have the canvas) but I felt it was just too big and the gallery owner agreed.

I've been really excited but I had no idea how I was going to pay for all of the supplies needed to do this project. So my wife, Liz had me put together a wish list as it were of supplies needed for the project and sent out an email to a few family members and friends to see who could help and who wanted to be apart of this Temple Project. 12 hours later her brother over in China called and said not to worry about it and that he payed for it all and the supplies would be here in a week or two. I was blown away to say the least. That night my wife and I thanked the Lord for his and many other peoples generosity and kindness.

So now I've got to produce 1 Temple painting a week. I would like to in the end paint 12. So I can put out a calendar along with my prints that I currently offer at:
I've all ready sold many prints of the Temple paintings too. It is interesting that in the seven months I have been painting Temples. I have had more interest in my art then in 10 years of painting fantasy. So when people ask my why the switch. This is what I tell them.

Well enough for now back to the Manti Temple Painting.


Jeff Brimley

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