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Monday, April 9, 2012

Why Wildlife Art

I’ve decided to start painting for a new market for me, Wildlife and Western art.  I’ve for some time had the desire to try painting Wildlife paintings but just not sure I could pull it off.  As I started working on my first wildlife painting, “Elk in the Gold” I found a part of me long since forgotten from my childhood reawaken.  As a child I loved watch the nature shows that where on T.V.  As a scout I found peace and beauty in the outdoors and an irresistible freedom when camping and hiking.  I’ve always had a fascination with birds and flight.  As a child my grandfather would take me down to the local airport to watch planes take off and land.  Even now on stressful day if I need a break, I’ll go down to this same airport and sit and watch the planes.  When I started I was worried that I wouldn’t have any ideas to paint or that my strong creativity would go to waste, I was wrong.  I’ve got already far more ideas then I’ll ever have time to paint and my creativity has never been more challenged or active.  My abilities as an artist and draftsmen are also being pushed to even greater heights.  I’m excited with this new direction and I hope you will come to enjoy it just as much as my other art.


Jeffrey V. Brimley

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