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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Behind the magic of painting

So I thought I would give a little behind the scenes look into not only how I go about painting but also what tools I use in doing this. This first image is of my pallet. I mix my paints on an old MDF board with a sheet of wax paper tapped down over the top. Usually I place the blobs of paint across the top, but sometimes I will haphazardly place paint all over the pallet. I paint using what is called a limited pallet. The colors are from left to right. Burnt Sienna (reddish brown), Burnt Umber (dark brown), Ultramarine Deep (blue), Titanium White, Cadmium Red Deep, Cadmium Yellow Light, Indian Yellow (a warm orange-yellow) and sometimes Dioxazine Purple. Another thing I need to point out is that I do not use any black when I paint. Black is the anti-color, it kills color, mutes it.
The brushes lay on the left. I have a drawer full of brushes in various states of use from new to desperately need to be thrown out bellow my pallet. But these are the one I'm am currently using.
The top left is my pallet knife that I use to mix my paints to get all the various colors I paint with. Sometimes I just use the brush I am holding to mix a color I need.
The spray can on top of the pallet is a fixative I use to help solidify a layer of paint so I can work faster.
The green-brown looking jar on the top right side of the pallet is full of mineral spirits. It is used to clean my brushes. It has a spring in it that I scrub the bristles on, thus aiding to the cleaning.
Next over is a container that says linseed oil but contains more mineral spirits.
And finally is a yellowish jar filled with an even mix of Galkyn and mineral spirits. This is my Medium. I use it to thin my paints to an almost water color consistency.

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April Jo said...

This was a really cool post. It's neat to see behind the scenes, and I find it rather intriguing to know that you don't use black at all. I really love your paintings!

Please say Hi to Liz for me! :)