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Saturday, January 7, 2012

900 West 200 North Provo Painting

What a wonderful experience!  I can now see somewhat why painting Plein Air is so addictive.  Just being out of the studio in the fresh air was great.  It took me 3 hours and 22 min. to do this painting.  I've been told that a typical painting should take at least 4-6 hours.  I realized about a third of the way through that you really need to just pick how and where the shadows should look in your painting.  Because the whole thing is changing right in front of you.  Of course I first noticed this when I was trying to paint in some clouds.  I was feeling the whole time I need to paint faster and be more decisive in all aspects.

I guess i should explain that when I do a painting I work top down and back to front.  Also with this style of quick painting I learned I need to block in all my major shapes and the over all major tones too.  I didn't do this with this painting.  Being my first ever I just went out there and started painting.  I also learned that my Maul Stick is an important tool to getting straight cleaner lines (2/3 through the painting).  It is important to lock your painting down, because having a wet painting suddenly blow at you is a bit excited and frustrating.  I still do not know how or where I picked up that yellow paint on my hands, but it quickly spread all over me, my brush handles and into my mouth!  Later that day I even found some under my lower lip and once again all over my hands.

I had 2 neighbors come by and one looked for a bit.  The mail lady walked by but I was still at the beginning so nothing much to see.  My neighbor across the street came home from somewhere and after going inside promptly open their front windows and watched for a bit (they are new and I don't think they know I'm an artist.  They probably think I'm a nutter now).  I had one guy on a funky looking bike ride passed 3 or 4 times, getting slower with each pass.  The problem was I was facing the street so the canvas back was all anyone could see.

I was nervous starting out but as I started painting the rest of the world just disappears and I was off and painting.  Time flew by and before I knew it I was done.  I look forward to next weeks location and painting.  Monday I'll post the new location and goals.  So with out further ado hear is the painting.

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