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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

    Well here is the painting I did yesterday.  I didn't meet and tonal goal.  I think I was distracted by how cold it was with the wind blowing at me from off the lake.  I had forgotten my gloves too and by the end I couldn't feel my fingers at all. 

    I've sat down and thought about what all went wrong and I think I may go out again to the same area and try doing this painting over.  I choose a different angle and I'll bring gloves and maybe a blanket too.  I need to think more about the gray scale while working on this.  Maybe I'll make a scale and have it with me as I'm mixing my colors to get the proper tonal depth.

    The cold had a interesting effect on my paints too.  They became very thick and required more mineral spirits to work with them.  This painting was done on a panel so the paint when thined properly moved around a little easier and thus dried faster.

    I had the sheriff drive by twice but he didn't stop and another truck drove by, but beyond that I was alone.  Well there was a small flock of black bird who sat in a tree the near by watching me for a bit, a about 100 plus geese flew over circled then flew off south and two hawks flew over and checked me out too.

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