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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

As some of you many know, I have started again this year painting Plein Air paintings.  I've done this to improve my landscapes, western and wildlife art over all.  I've found a lack of understanding of tones, chroma and contrast with these painting types.  So outside I've gone to improve on these painting elements, just as many great painters like the Hudson River School paints did.  All ready I'm seeing great positive changes to my paintings.  Right now I'm working on have more contrast in color and temperature. 
First two plein air paintings of the 2013 season
These first two paintings were just, "lets just jump in and start painting" paintings.  I've got to start somewhere so I did.  A couple of friends that I work with Friday nights at the Provo Temple as Ordnance Workers are from the Heber Valley area.  They kept telling me how beautiful the area was and that I should go up there and paint.  So I did and these two paintings were the result of this.  While I was painting the painting on the right.  An older lady rode up on her bike and checked out what I was doing.  As she road up she exclaimed, "Oh, you're painting, we were wondering".  She then went on to ask me if I competed in the Midway Art Association's Plein Air competition.  I said I'd never heard of it and that I would check them out.  Which I did and I'll write about it later.

"Horses and Bair"
Next I went and painted on a friend of mine's horse property just off of Geneva Road in Provo.  I kept telling him I was going to do this, but for some reason he never really believed me.  So one day the weather was good so I went and did it.  I had a great time.  He and his wife were working on the property at the time and when they had finished with the horses they came over and checked it out.  Needless to say they were shocked how much I had done in the short amount of time I had spent working on it thus far.  Over all this painting took me just over 2 hours to complete.

"Platte's View"
So then I put a post up on Facebook asking people for places to painting.  I said I'm looking for places to paint Plein Air paintings. If any of you know of a place or know someone who has a place let me know (with in Utah for now). Just about any place will do. If you think you have the best view of Timp or the Wasatch Front let me know. I you think your street, that you live on is absolutely magical just before sunset please contact me. If you or someone you know has a farm, ranch or horse property and wouldn't mind letting me set up my easel and spending a couple of hours painting there, please contact me. It's not that I'm running out of place to paint. It's that I'm looking for more options. There is a lot of great spots out there that are on private property and I'm looking to paint on those locations too. So if your best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who has a great spot to paint let me know.
My friend Platte responded with a response and a picture.  So I decided to prove it to people that I was serious about the offer and the above Plein Air painting was the result.  

I think tomorrow I'll head out and paint another evening one of Utah Valley from a secret location. 

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