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Issuing the Call
Issuing the Call

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Field is White in Backersfield

The Field is White 18 x 24
So an interesting thing happened to me with this painting.  I was approached by someone looking to buy the original.  Which they couldn't because it is already owned buy another collector.  So they bought a large print of it.  Then they told me that the print will be going into the new Mission Home for the newly created Bakersfield Mission.  Apparently the new Mission President and his wife were sealed in the Manti Temple and are from Cedar City.  Plus the overall missionary theme of the painting will also fit in nicely. 
Well once in a while I offer on special occasions to take a canvas print and paint on it thus bringing out the original color qualities and then signing it.  But in the case of this ordered print the buyer had bought it before I had a chance to tell them how to go about doing this.  But when the print arrived it had received shipping damage.  Which almost never happens.  So I was contacted by the buyer because we could now do the process with the replacement.  It is interesting to me how the Lord works in our lives.  I am grateful for this opportunity to do this for such a wonderful location.

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